Under ground, far from lights and noises, truffles take a few months to mature alongside the roots of oaks, oaks and other trees.

Once outside, it is necessary to continue pampering this underground fungus so that it maintains all its properties.

Montruffles provides adequate transportation and packaging so that fresh truffles are preserved according to their temperature and humidity needs.

Once in their destination, truffles can be stored for up to two weeks at a temperature between 0 and 4º C, taking care to protect them from moisture by wrapping each one in an absorbent paper that must be changed daily.

In addition, to avoid the loss of their aroma, they must be stored in an airtight container that must be opened every two days so that the truffles “breathe”. They can be stored together with other foods such as eggs or butters if you want them to acquire the smell and taste of truffles.

To prolong the shelf life in a refrigerator for up to a year, you can choose to preserve the truffles in their juice. To do this, simply introduce the clean truffles in a glass jar, cover them with brandy or a dry white wine, cover and boil in the water bath until it empties.

In the freezer, the truffles will be preserved for about ten months. In this case, they can be removed at the time of consumption and grating just enough without actually thawing them.

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